Golden to the bone: Septembers most surprising news about gold!

Golden to the bone: Septembers most surprising news about gold!


Gold keeps on bringing new dimensions to everyday life. This precious metal is being the protagonist of the most curious news so far this month, demonstrating that its utility has no limits; just as the creativity of its users, who, from now on, will be able to enjoy the success that gold has brought them.

We have gathered a list comprising this month's most interesting pieces of news about gold. Keep on reading to go through this compilation and find inspiration on the latest success stories that gold gives life to.

Gold is the core of this month's success stories as well as the basis of the latest scientific discoveries. The first piece of news goes as follows:

1. “The Gold and the Beautiful” Gold wedding cakes

Are you getting married this month? If so, you are in luck! The world of wedding cakes has never been this stylish before. Gold has carved a niche on this appetizing industry and has brought success to wedding cakes makers such as The Cake Cuppery company among others.

September's most explosive couple is that of sugar and gold!

​2. The Guggenheim museum in New York unveils a 18-karat gold toilet

A New York City museum is offering visitors a chance to sit on a golden toilet privately. This fully functioning toilet is Guggenheim's latest installation created by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. It is located in a standard, pre-existing bathroom on the fourth floor of the museum, but it is part of the museum's “America” exhibition.

Crafted in 18-karat gold, this toilet is meant to “offer a wink to the excesses of the art market but also to evoke the American dream of opportunity for all”.

​3. The LISA Pathfinder Ship

This futuristic instrument orbits between the Earth and the sun and it is used to see and measure the gravitational waves from the outer space. This floating golden ship could record colliding universes right after the Big Bang, though scientists don't expect the project to be fully functional until 2034.

But, what is at the heart of the incredible LISA Pathfinder Ship? Cubes made from gold. A total of two gold cubes with the mission to detect gravitational waves from space. Gold seems to have no limits in this universe!

​4. Gold and 3D scanning, the end of old school X-rays!

Researchers in Ireland have found a new 3D scanning method that could be the end of traditional X-rays. And surprisingly, it involves gold! Old school X-rays are health-damaging but researchers argue that this new method could be a much safer alternative.

Gold has been used in medicine for a long time thanks to its inert and stable nature, and this time, gold helps 3D scanning to visually inspect cracks in bones better and with no X-rays damage. This new method involves pumping gold particles into blood before taking a scan.

Whether a source of success, of admiration, or the basis for today's scientific achievements, it is unquestionable that gold delivers advantages for a better future.

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