Google, Facebook, YouTube and many more... in gold!

Google, Facebook, YouTube and many more... in gold!


Have you ever wondered what do the websites we use every day look like? An artist from The Netherlands has gone beyond the flat surface of our screens to show us the real dimension of the social networks we make use of.

Have a look!

A unique perspective to the Internet!

His name is Jip de Beer, and his artistic approach tries to merge sculpturing with his fascination for programming. What is the result? A unique approach to the Internet!

De Beer prints gold sculptures of the websites we all make use of. How?

Exploring the three dimensional depth of websites

The artist explains that “a website, much like the files on our computers, is structured in layers of hierarchy.” He wanted to make a visual representation of the structures of the websites we use every day. To do so, he developed a browser plug-in that reveals their three dimensional structure by coloring different elements according to their depth in the hierarchy.

After that, De Beer took the three dimensional maps of the ten most valuable websites (including social networks), and had them 3D printed and gold plated.

Have a look at YouTube's 3D structure in gold:

Facebook and Google are also very interesting:

Other prints depicted the three dimensional structure of Twitter and Wetransfer among other websites. These 3D models are either gold plated or printed in steel, aluminum, gold, titanium, silver or a combination of several of those materials.

Even though all of them made from expensive materials, some objects are as small as sugar cubes, and some others are the size of a mini iPad.

They are one of a kind. Just like our gold bars.