Hard to ignore: gold remains an asset leader in 2016

Hard to ignore: gold remains an asset leader in 2016


The firm voices of experts point out that gold has been the leading asset among all asset classes this year. They strongly recommend the purchase of physical gold for several reasons.

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Investors are concerned about today's economic fragility and uncertain financial landscape, and their confidence in gold has fueled this precious metal global demand.

Investors speak

Investors continue to consider gold as an asset leader. Their seeking safe-haven asset classes ceased at realizing the potential of gold as an insurance asset. Given gold’s proven ability to hold its value in the face of rising inflation and changes in monetary policies, they believe that gold should belong in any diversified portfolio.

The average life of currencies has been just 95 years throughout the modern era, whereas gold has held its value over millennia. Needless to say that gold stands the test of time.

Jeffrey Gundlach, the chief executive of DoubleLine Capital, said that “gold remains the best asset in the current times of instability in the European Union and prolonged global stagnation.” And indeed, experts warn that gold would soon be the only safe haven left at a possible collapse in the US dollar and US Treasury bonds.

Buying over selling

Commodities remain among the worst performing asset classes. That's excepting one particular commodity: gold.”

Gaurav Sharma

Gold is money in every country and every community on the planet; and for those wanting the safety of their cash savings, the purchase of physical gold is a tax-efficient alternative.

"Things are shaky and feeling dangerous. I am not selling my gold.”

Jeffrey Gundlach, Chief Executive Officer, DoubleLine Capital LP.

However, physical gold may be difficult to acquire in the coming years due to its global demand, as reported by Tyler Durden, and because buying physical gold has tax benefits. Gold holders prefer to keep their physical gold and acquire more to avoid any financial risks in the future.

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How to acquire physical gold

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