Harmony of the Seas test ride. The giant of the seas is already afloat!

Harmony of the Seas test ride. The giant of the seas is already afloat!


The biggest cruise liner in the world is afloat! The passengers of Harmony of the Seas will soon have a chance to experience all its exclusive services.

The ship is ready! The question is whether you, participants of the Grand Summer Voyage Competition, are ready too!

Great news for the Global InterGold customers who are looking forward to the Grand Summer Voyage 2016: Harmony of the Seas is afloat for a trial trip. Finally, the ship which has cost 1,000,000,000 EUR and needed 10,000,000 hours, is ready.

3 years, 7000 passengers and endless entertainments

The giant of sea voyages has been built in less than three years. The ship is 362m in length and 66m wide. The ship can conveniently accommodate about 7000 passengers and 2000 staff members.

The liner can boast about having a theater (1500 people capacity), more than 50 restaurants, pools, SPA's, an aqua park, a basketball court, a mini-golf course. For adventure seekers, this ship has the longest toboggan tube from all the cruise ships in the world. And for the technologically minded, Harmony of the Seas has a bar where a robot-waiter serves you drinks!

Test drive and Global InterGold competition

Engineering examination will take three days at the Atlantic coast of France, where other vessels have also successfully passed such testing.

On 12th of May the Royal Caribbean company, owner of this ship, will be able to start trips. The first trip will take place on the 22nd of May, when the liner will take a route from the UK to Amsterdam. In summer Harmony of the Seas will travel along the Mediterranean sea.

Among these trips, there is the highly anticipated Grand Summer Voyage 2016, the wonderful prize for a Global InterGold competition! This summer the liner will take 25 gold winners on board!

Develop your business, set your goals and your heart on the victory!

We kindly remind you of the monthly contest Global 100. Participation will definitely move you closer to this fairytale voyage!

Become a winner!

Photo: http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/harmony-of-the-seas​