Hats off to Mexico! Global Tours convention was a runaway success

Hats off to Mexico! Global Tours convention was a runaway success


Global InterGold's heart beat in Mexico once again. Global InterGold management, Global and Grand Leaders, candidates to Grand Leaders, a Mexico's Senator and Mexico's best motivating speaker were in attendance in this event where success was 100% guaranteed.

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On 18 and 19 June, Expo Bancomer in Santa Fe, Mexico became a centre of excellence for business knowledge. About 400 Global InterGold clients turned out for this Global Tour 2016 event whose program promised to be very special.



The event began with force. The keynote speech was delivered by Global InterGold's Vicepresident followed by Mr Marco Blasquez, Senator of the Republic of Mexico, who shared his amazing success story and encouraged the audience to fight for their lives.


During the break, the attendees loaded batteries for what was next: the motivational speech of the esteemed Global Leader Ostap Pechenyi. The focus was laid on Global InterGold's career possibilities and, as always, received well-deserved applause.


The Grand Leader and one of the event's organizers Lucero Blasquez touched upon the working system, one of the topics on which she's specialized. The candidates to Grand Leaders Liset Valencia and Nunzio Giancola followed her with speeches about clients and success, respectively.


The moment arrived for international leaders to go on stage and share their success stories. Mercedes Osuna and Sabrina Perafan from Mexico; Jovan Rodríguez and Jessica and Carlos Gartner from Panama and Wladimir Ortiz from Ecuador. From the other side of the pond, particularly from Italy, Massimo di Trizio, Saverio Termite and Pasquale Mingolla.


To top it all, the Director of Development for Global InterGold George Fuzesi delivered the closing speech about the company's new promotions, contests and plans with the vitality that characterizes him. Of course, he did not leave the stage without acknowledging leaders' efforts.



The candidate to Grand Leader Vitaliy Borovyk opened the event on the 2nd day. Well-versed in dealing with emerging markets, he shared his expertise on 21st Century financial possibilities and received a 15-minute standing ovation.


Asia came to the forefront with the inspiring speech of Haslan Bin Zanuiddin. This Malaysian leader spoke about business, gold and people as well as his life and success story. Uplifting everyone's spirits is this Global InterGold leader's forte!


The Grand Leader and Nº 1 leader from France, Antonio Miguel, delighted everyone with an informative speech on how to work through the Internet in order to develop an international limitless business.


The candidates to Grand Leaders Victor Habbat and Octavio Corona were the last leaders who spoke at the event. The first one and bearer of the title Mr. Global InterGold, went on stage to speak about the importance and power to grow as leaders. The second leader put leadership as the main topic of his speech.


The organizers invited a special speaker to the Global Tour 2016 event. Mr. Omar Villalobos, considered the best Spanish-speaking orator in motivational speeches, dedicated his address to leadership and won the admiration of the whole audience.


The Leaders Award Ceremony was another proof that people are training to become leaders. One after one, many leaders received outstanding awards. But that was not all! There was a special lottery in which people won genuine gold bars.

The event brimmed with joy! As if the above were not enough, the attendees had the unique chance to see the new Global Pad! More information about this present!

Needles to say they had the perfect ingredients for a successful event. Global InterGold thanks the organizers for proving once again their incredible talent.

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