History of Gold: Everything you need to know about GIGs product

History of Gold: Everything you need to know about GIGs product


For thousands of years up until today, for all social classes, in every country of every continent: gold has been a sought-after good - something you couldn't live without if you aimed at living the high life.

Why did Global InterGold choose gold as its product?

Gold has always been respected throughout the world both for its value and rich history. It always represented the status of the powerful, and the wealth others dreamed of having.

In the jewellery sector it is an unmistakable symbol of prestige and timeless elegance since gold doesn't deteriorate. As a coin, it has served as currency to buy precious goods over the course of history.

What else could we say about this precious mineral? Don't people know its value? Certainly. Yet, not everyone is fully aware of its economic benefits when presented in the form of bullion.

When wars broke out and in times of economic crisis, those who could weather the storm were the ones who had gold bars at hand. They didn't have to look for experts to verify whether it was pure since, when provided by reliable refineries, gold bars include a certificate of quality and authenticity.

Given the fact that gold is a limited resource, its value only increases over time; meaning that, by purchasing gold bars, you are paying an amount for a good that within 10 years will be more expensive.

The economic advantages of gold led the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop to choose gold bars as its product. The clients can build a profitable and long-lasting business using gold and the company's opportunities.

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