How does gold smell like?

How does gold smell like?



Since ancient times, people knew about the power of fragrances. A correctly selected perfume emphasizes the individuality of a man and gives a woman a special charm.

Some modern perfumers resort to an unusual method in order to attract people’s attention to their products — they use gold in the production of scents and fragrances.

We tell about the original golden fragrances.


Perfume with gold by Giorgio Armani

A prestigious line of perfume created by the Italian brand Giorgio Armani has been replenished with new extravagant perfumes Rose D'arabie L'Or Du Desert. Spicy oriental aroma contains notes of saffron, damask rose and dark wood.

Each perfume bottle is full of tiny bits of real gold particles. In a static position, particles are almost invisible, but when shaken, millions of gold grains start to gleam and swirl.

Number of copies: a limited amount.

Price: $320.

In the photo: the precious perfume Rose D'arabie L'Or Du Desert leaves a light flickering veil on the skin.


A golden glimmer by Ramon Molvizar

Ramon Béjar, the famous Spanish perfumer who creates fragrances for royal houses, established a new brand name called Ramon Molvizar. These perfumes have a rich floral-fruity aroma that is associated with the warm Mediterranean.

A talented perfumer implemented an unusual idea. A series of exquisite perfumes Ramon Molvizar is distinguished by the special contents of the vials —  tiny particles of 22K gold inside each one of them.

The perfume gives the skin a light shimmer, while sparkling golden particles captures the attention of others.

Number of copies: limited series. Each perfume package has a numbered certificate.

Price: ranging from $190 to $290.

In the photo: perfume bottles are made in the form of a crystal, containing tiny particles of gold inside that represent a mesmerizing sight when shaken.


Gold Eau de Toilette by La Ric

Eau de Toilette Diva is the debut product of the respected Austrian brand La Ric which produces luxury cosmetics. The perfume contains notes of ripe melon, a refined aroma of jasmine and violets.

Particles of 24K gold shine and sparkle in contact with skin, attracting everyone's attention.

Number of copies: limited series.

Price: $220.

In the photo: the perfume bottle of Diva Eau de Toilette is made in simple laconic forms, but the particles of gold inside the bottle make it an expensive and elite perfume for demanding customers.


Perfume with gold by Burberry

The perfumed water My is an exclusive novelty by the British brand Burberry that produces luxury perfume.

The fragrance is rich with notes of the damask rose, freesia, geranium and contains a lot of shimmering gold particles.

The customer can order a free engraving on the front side of the bottle (a monogram of three initials.)

Number of copies: a limited amount.

Price: $120.

In the photo: The perfumed water My by Burberry positions itself as a rich floral fragrance, containing the scent of the London flower garden after the rain.


Glitter of the East by Al Haramain

A perfume by the newly-established brand from Saudi Arabia Al Haramain is appreciated for its originality and low price.

Oily perfumes Al Haramain Gold are filled with oriental notes of black currant, mandarin, vanilla and musk. Precious particles of gold are placed in the elegant classically-shaped perfume bottle.

Golden particles give the skin a light shine and radiance.

Number of copies: depends on the demand.

Price: starting from $40.

In the photo: the perfume Al Haramain Gold is characterized by the special spirit of the East and is very popular in the USA and Europe.



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