How to determine the authenticity and quality of gold?

How to determine the authenticity and quality of gold?


Gold is a metal in which people trust. People use it to save and increase their capital as even small amounts of gold hold a huge value, and they know that buying good quality gold is important.

How to determine the authenticity and quality of gold?

Gold, the real value

The fact that gold has a huge value is based on history. It has existed as currency for centuries, and was replaced by paper money for the sake of convenience. Nevertheless, its value remained unchanged.

Undoubtedly, its value has strengthened in the course of time. For instance, in the 19th century gold prices did not exceed $50 per ounce, and in the 21st century the yellow metal costs more than $1000 per ounce! Despite the current low levels, the general upward trend is maintained.

Determining the quality of gold

The appearance of gold may differ as it can be mixed with other metals. Do not forget that gold is a soft metal, and therefore a gold bar or coin can never have 100% purity, otherwise it would be very easy to break it.

Assay offices are in charge of making detailed analysis to determine the purity of a gold product. Also, one can test a gold product at home with a touchstone.

Global InterGold gold bars: international standard of quality

The trust of over a million of clients worldwide is based on the financial and historical value of the product. The physical gold bars sold in the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop have the highest fineness, 999.9. Their quality is guaranteed by world recognized producers certified by LBMA.

The bars presented in the Online Gold Shop are provided with all official information: weight, fineness, serial number, and the producer. Also, the bars are attached quality assurance certificates from the producers.

Make a reasonable choice when buying gold and let it bring you success!

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