How to run your own profitable business in Colombia in 2017?

How to run your own profitable business in Colombia in 2017?


How is 2017 going to be? Does the current economy guarantee a better living standard for Colombians?

Many people are considering to run a business as an alternative to depending on others' job offers or fixed salaries. But, how to run a stable and profitable business?

Winds of recovering

Economists stand up for a slight improvement of Colombia's economy in 2017, which will only happen if several expectations are fulfilled.

The new direction that politics in the USA takes will be equally crucial for the stability of oil prices, and the measures central banks take to boost the economy in Colombia.

Will Colombians be able to notice a change in their pockets?

So far this year, Colombians have already experienced a VAT rise to 19% against a 7% rise in the minimum wage. Everything together with higher taxes in gas and tobacco, and higher commodities prices, which could lead to a decline in consumption.

To wait or not to wait for better days to come?

People who want to start a business seek to control their earnings and work themselves. However, starting a business implies many expenses and you are still dependent on high taxes and prices.

That is why more and more people reject what is called “traditional business” and opt for online opportunities that contribute novelties to businesses. Many Colombians are already seizing the opportunity that the Global InterGold company offers.

What is the Global InterGold company about?

It is a company engaged in the sale and purchase of investment gold that, in addition, gives the opportunity to run your own business in a platform put at the disposal of its clients.

Global InterGold counts with 6 year experience in the international market and it has reached every corner of the globe. Today, about 2 million clients benefit from gold's potential and guarantee themselves a source of income thanks to the business.

Does the company work in Colombia?

Part of Latin America's customer portfolio resides in Colombia. Nevertheless, since it is an online business, any Colombian can run it from anywhere and build a team with international members.

In order to assure that all the activities are carried out in accordance with the law in force, the company has established a collaboration agreement with a local company that will be in charge of that. For further information.