How to start taking action right now. The long-awaited takeoff to the goal

How to start taking action right now. The long-awaited takeoff to the goal




Before you start reading the article, close your eyes for a moment, distract yourself from everyday thoughts and relax. Think about what you want to achieve in life. What is your ideal future? Try to picture it as clearly as possible. Then ask yourself: “What did I do today to get closer to what I want? What about yesterday?”

Ponder this for a few minutes.

Are you done? Are you satisfied with the results?


A time that no one can turn back

In everyday hustle and bustle we oftentimes forget about really important things, being distracted by trifles and devoting too much time to useless activities.

Take, for example, social media. According to statistics, users spend an average of 144 minutes per day on social media, that is, almost 17 hours a week.

Now imagine that instead of social media, every person devotes two and a half hours a day to the main goal in life. Most likely, there would be hundreds of times more people in the world who were successful and happy.


Not tomorrow, not in an hour, but now

Nothing prevents you from starting to move towards the goal right now. All the obstacles are only in your imagination. Even if at the moment you lack something to take action (money, knowledge, other resources), you can plan and collect information. A few hours a week spent on working on a goal will do you a great deal more good than a few hours devoted to social media.

The longer you hesitate, the higher the likelihood that you will postpone the resolution of important issues for an indefinite period again by focusing on something less productive. Do not forget that time is an irreplaceable resource. It is pointless to wait for the right moment to come. The best moment is always NOW.


A perfect opportunity to make a leap forward

A special tool has become available on the GIG-OS platform — GoalSet Master — so that you can immediately, without hesitation, start working on your goal. It will help you get rid of all intrusive thoughts and focus on what is truly important to you.

It will not cost you money and will require only time and attention. Every single minute of working with the tool will bring maximum benefits, becoming a contribution to your successful future.


With the help of GoalSet Master you will:

  • formulate your goal clearly and unambiguously;

  • picture it in the form of a system consisting of different fragments;

  • identify all the factors on which the final result depends;

  • make a list of resources needed to achieve the goal;

  • identify the circle of potential helpers and like-minded people;

  • understand how to change your life in the most effective way


So, are you ready to start?

Your ideal moment has come — take action!