How to store your gold bars properly (Instructions in pictures)

How to store your gold bars properly (Instructions in pictures)


Pure gold is very soft and easy to damage and scratch. How to keep your gold bars in perfect condition?

Read the following recommendations by experts below.

Global InterGold buys and sells gold bars of the highest fineness 999.9. The company takes care down to the smallest detail and, therefore, provides them in a safe package.

The most reliable way to store gold bars is to keep them in the original packaging.

If you remove them from the packaging and want to preserve them in a perfect state, follow these recommendations:

  • Hold gold bars by the edges

  • If you touch gold bars with bare fingers and leave stains, use a soft cloth to clean them.

  • If you have to touch many gold bars, maybe during a presentation, wear clean gloves.

  • Never bite gold bars to check their authenticity. Take them to an official assay office instead. Remember that Global InterGold's gold bars are supplied by producers accredited by the LBMA, which ensures their purity.

  • Do not store many gold bars in one box or bag since they can get damaged by making contact with one other.

  • If you have to leave them on a surface, use a soft cloth or pad.

We remind you that the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop has a certified depository where any customer can store gold bars and be confident that they are under reliable protection.

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