How to use Global InterGolds presentations properly? Error analysis

How to use Global InterGolds presentations properly? Error analysis


Do you feel your presentations are not very effective? Do you manage to gather a lot of people, but only a couple of them seem interested in what you have to say? Then, you might be doing something wrong during the presentation.

How to increase the effectiveness of your presentations?

So, everything is ready for a presentation. You have been working hard and have invited a lot of people to the meeting room to tell them about the business. You are ready to start.

You talk, explain every aspect of the business in detail and share everything you know with the audience. But only a few seem to be listening and getting interested in your story. What is going wrong?

3 "Don'ts" in Global InterGold presentations:

1) Your presentation is too long

Global InterGold's presentations are long because they contain all the details about the business. However, that does not mean that you have to mention every detail. Remember: the best time frame for a presentation is up to 30 min. People focus more attentively on short presentations.

Omit the less important slides and do not spend more than 2 minutes on each slide. If people get interested in particular aspects, they will ask questions later.

2) You make a presentation at the very first meeting with a person / people

Experienced leaders advise never to make a presentation when you first meet a person.

When a person sees you for the first time, he does not know you or trust you. Try not to push people, that tactic has never worked. Adapt your message about this business opportunity to your audience. Getting to know your listener first is very important: you need to talk to him beforehand. You will probably have to spend some time getting to know that person better and discover which aspect of the business would suit him or her.

3) You doubt when talking or speak too softly

You have to be ready for a presentation. Think about everything in advance: your appearance, your speech, (quoting famous people usually makes a good impression), the way you move from one slide to another, the tone of your voice, etc. Take a Global 100 winner's advice: “Be confident and you will attract others.”

3 "Do’s" in Global InterGold presentations:

1) Use GIG presentations for self-education too

Presentations are convenient tools for promoting the business, but they can be beneficial in different ways. You can use them to study the information about the company, the business and gold and get more ideas to share when making presentations. You have to know the information but also be able to present it with your own words. That way it will be easier to answer questions too.

2) Make presentations for people taking their first steps in business

When a person has already become a client and is recommending the product and exploring the business, it is the right time to show him a detailed presentation. That person might want to study it on his own, but perhaps not all the points are clear to him. Then, it is your turn to give him more specific information for him to develop the business correctly.

3) Include your story in the presentation

It is important to share information about the business so that your audience can decide whether they want to become clients or not. However personal stories play an important role when it comes to attract your audience's attention and interest to start the business. Tell why you decided to become a client and how it was for you. You will motivate more people!

We hope that these tips help you make business presentations with the maximum efficiency. A good presentation is the key to success in the business!

Use the official Global InterGold presentations first and foremost for self-study. Memorize essential information to quickly answer the questions of your potential clients. We recommend customers to use the presentation when they take their first steps in business and need more information to work with the Online Gold Shop productively.

We wish you the best of success!

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