In August, the spotlight is on gold… again!

In August, the spotlight is on gold… again!



The World Gold Council’s recent report mentions that, in the second quarter of 2016, the demand for gold has increased by 141%, and its buy price has also grown by almost 30% since January. These impressive figures result from the current situation in the world market and the volatility of other assets. 

Causes of instability

Why do many assets lose their value and attractiveness? Europe’s situation is uncertain after the Brexit referendum in the UK, and currency rates do not stand still. Even the most stable currencies begin to depreciate; not to mention those that are constantly subject to fluctuations. Moreover, the world expects the results of the forthcoming presidential elections in the United States and the Federal Reserve's decision on raising or lowering rates. 

The average price of a gold ounce in mid-August is $ 1360 

The US dollar has slightly strengthened due to the forecasts for interest rates, to be determined after the Fed’s meeting in December, 2016. However, gold is confidently keeping valuable positions and its price not getting below $ 1337 dollars per ounce this month. World powers continue enlarging their Reserves of Foreign Exchange and Gold. China and Russia are the top-activists of this "golden movement". The assets of ETF funds are growing too, having resulted in investors purchasing around 580 tons of gold. 

Personal gold reserves are a shield against financial instability

Whereas the background of other assets is weakening, gold keeps on being a bastion of financial reliability, stability, and serenity. Millions of people trust this precious metal for a reason.


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