International conference about high and fast income in Barcelona! What happened there and what is next?

International conference about high and fast income in Barcelona! What happened there and what is next?


Global Tour 2016: information on high earnings for everyone

This year, the Global InterGold company started an initiative called Global Tour 2016. Global Tour 2016 events are being held around the world and attract hundreds of attendees interested in building up a business and gaining business expertise. 

Countries such as Russia, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia and Lithuania have already hosted events. The latest event took place on August 20th at the splendid Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel in Barcelona, also dedicated to gold business opportunities. 

Global InterGold offers a business based on the purchase and sale of gold. At Global InterGold events, participants learn about its innovative methods to run their business – an opportunity available for everyone everywhere in the world.

One of the most attractive features is the option to buy investment gold bars for 5 – 15% of their total cost and to offset the remaining amount in exchange for the promotion of the company.

What did the attendees learn at the Global InterGold conference in Barcelona?

Business tools. The conference started with the speeches of the company's management: Costas Polemitis, the Vice President, and Gyorgy Fuzesi, the Director of Development. 

They talked about the new features of the marketing program which have become available to the customers. The introduction of these tools represents a huge step towards receiving income much faster for those who plan to or already develop their gold business.

Events promotion. The second important news was the launch of the new website There, you can find everything about past and upcoming events organized by the company and its customers. The next events will be held in Mexico, Ukraine, Italy, and Russia.

After the speeches of the company’s management, some experienced businessmen gave speeches on how to work properly in order to increase your level of income. 

One of them, the outstanding team leader Ostap Pechenyi, recommended not to compare your achievements to those of others since what matters is to be focused at all times to reach your goals.

During the traditional Awarding Ceremony, the majority of the conference's participants went on stage to collect prizes for their successful development of the business. Which were the main prizes?

  • Gold-plated waterproof Global InterGold-branded watches;
  • Gold bars in weights of 100 g (worth of 3,690 EUR), 50 g (worth of 1,845 EUR), and 1 ounce (worth of 1,145 EUR)
  • Exclusive diplomas to the winners of the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 competition;
  • GIG-branded Apple iPads mini Gold (prizes for the Global Pad Promotion)

What do participants think about this event?

"It was incredible! The first Apple iPads from the company at this very special event. Thank you so so much!"

Niels P. client and attendee at the Global Tour 2016 event in Barcelona


"I believed in myself and in the company and got all this gold! You can do so too! Just believe in yourselves"

Gevork D. client and attendee at the Global Tour 2016 event in Barcelona


After the Awarding Ceremony, clients dressed in white for a very special party at the 5-stars Grand Marina Hotel. 

They could savor typical Spanish snacks while dancing to a rumba band. Of course, it ended with a champagne toast to their great success!

More information about earning possibilities. When will the next company’s event take place?

The Global Convention 2016 in Rome on 7th and 8th October, 2016. You can already register for this conference. More details


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