[iPhone 8 and iPhone X Presentations] Will they become superior business tools?

[iPhone 8 and iPhone X Presentations] Will they become superior business tools?


The long-awaited presentation of new Apple products took place on September 12th. The company introduced iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K.

iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus

iPhone 8 features aluminum-framed glass body produced during a 7-layer color process embracing the most durable glass panels ever used. The smartphone is equipped with a Retina HD display with support for True Tone which allows the device automatically adapt the color scheme of the display to the ambient lighting.

A new 6-core A11 Bionic chip works 70% faster than the previous-generation version and provides quick autofocus when taking photos and video.

Will such a smartphone come handy in business? Undoubtedly.

iPhone X: climax of Apple presentation

The last and biggest breakthrough was the iPhone X with Super Retina OLED display, wireless charger and face recognition system. The most unusual change in the model outlook is the absence of the "Home" button.

The body is made of super durable water- and dust-proof glass with sides of surgical steel. You can unlock your phone with Face ID by looking at the display and swiping your finger over it.

The new iPhone frontal camera not only makes selfies with a clear foreground and blurred background, but also recognizes facial expressions. The back 12-megapixel camera has a telephoto lens with a 10x zoom and optical image stabilization.

Do you need such a device in business? You bet.

What makes Apple products so valuable in terms of business?

Powerful operating system, universal and secure platform, strong relationships with loyal customers. The approach, characteristics and quality of the product help customers to cope with daily tasks, especially if they are into business.

App Store has more than 230,000 business apps, beating any other mobile platform.

Moreover, iPhone has an intuitive design, reliable anti-hack protection, and perfect compatibility with other Apple devices. The brand’s fans can easily and fully customize their devise for business purposes.

And, of course, Apple devices are always presented in gold color too:


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