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Japanese Trend on Gold Business Cards

Japanese Trend on Gold Business Cards


Thanks to Japanese citizen's peculiar attitude towards gold, the business card trend gets a makeover, evolving into an art form of yellow metal.

Despite the fact that heirs of Heaven Dynasty don’t necessarily have a thirst for luxury life or profligacy of any kind, gold has become an integral part of their national identity.

An element of gold, which symbolizes eternal happiness and luck, can be seen pretty much everywhere: in interior design, jewelry, traditional clothing.

Gold seamlessly blended into Japanese corporate world and its business structures, where the process of handing out business cards is rooted within every single stage of negotiation.

The design of the business card itself is an indicator of trustworthiness and business respectability in Japan.

In the context of business niche, the card emphasizes the importance of the commitment, that’s why the demand for bejeweled metal business cards is continuously increasing, just as orders.

Such companies as Mitsubishi Materials Corp and Hello Kitty stay innovative within the field of golden business card-making.

Gold business cards from Mitsubishi Materials Corp

Mitsubishi Materials golden business cards are made from thin coating plates of 999K gold. These cards are oftentimes bought as high-priced gift options or as status rewards.

Laser engraving perfectly complements the overall look of the business card.

Such gold business cards cost 10 000 yen (90 dollars).

Gold business cards Hello Kitty

Ever-popular Japanese brand Hello Kitty is a true pop culture phenomenon among adults and children alike.

On the occasion of brand’s anniversary, a limited edition of business cards was released, finally bringing both anime and gold fans together.

The golden business card is priced at 85 dollars.