Kenya’s growing ultra-wealthy population demands gold

Kenya’s growing ultra-wealthy population demands gold


The Senniks' luxury shop

Vishal Sennik and his wife, Nidhi, were very much surprised when discovering how much did Mombasa need a local shop for people who want to buy luxurious home accessories.

They started their company not being very sure whether it was going to succeed at all. However, by opening the furniture shop and serving one customer after another, the couple reached a wonderful conclusion:

‘‘The shop is a solution to customers who take trips overseas to buy exclusive household items, outdoor, and interior accessories,” Vishal said.

The Senniks also affirm to notice Kenya’s ultra-wealthy population, their main clients, has been increasing over the years and who really value fine things in life.

Gold calls for successful entrepreneurs

The latest wealth report of the Knight Frank property consultancy reveals that with the increase of luxury shopping comes a wave of opportunities for entrepreneurs. The company also forecasts that during the next decade alone, there will be about 7,500 new millionaires in Kenya.

We see the potential for entrepreneurs to do well, whether by creating stronger, smarter family businesses or providing professional services as economies expand,’’ added Knight Frank.

Complete families supported by Global InterGold's gold business

Global InterGold's gold business has a large number of successful entrepreneurs in its history. Thanks to gold and its huge economic potential, thousands of families are part of the world's new wave of wealthy population.

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