Love is Gold! 3D Print your emotions with your smartphone

Love is Gold! 3D Print your emotions with your smartphone


A group of Brazil-based architects has developed a very interesting project in which they claim that human emotions must be part of our use of digital technologies.

How? They just need gold and your love story ♥

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Did you know that our emotions can be shaped and printed?

Yes! The architects of the Estudio Guto Requena, in collaboration with the digital studio D3, are pioneers in this field. This is part of their project “Love Project”, and the final product has been called “Aura Pendant”. An Aura Pendant is what you get after your emotions have been recorded by a smartphone and sent to 3D print into gold.

Wow! How do they do it?

The Brazilian architects have developed an app that collects emotions:

The user must place their index finger on the camera of their phone, and tell their love story by speaking into their phone while the app records. Sensors capture the emotions generated from your voice, as well as measure the heartbeat from your finger. The emotional data collected shapes the pendant. Finally, with the design sent off, the pendant is first 3D printed, then cast into 18-karat gold.”

The result? A unique piece of jewelry.

How can a smartphone detect human emotions?

When you remember and speak about some event in your life that has been very emotive, like your love story, all your body reacts at a physical level, even if we don't really feel it. Thanks to the sensors of your smartphone, you can capture those emotions and turn them into gold jewelry.

This new app is part of Estudio Guto Requena’s series of projects “aimed to bridge the gap between digital technology and emotion. They will create unique products which will bear personal histories in ways that encourage life cycles, combining deeply meaningful works with sustainable design.”

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