Luxury Without Borders: The Whims of Millionaires

Luxury Without Borders: The Whims of Millionaires


Find out how much rich people love gold, and how pricey the plane, cars and a bike from this precious metal can be.

They say that there is no accounting for taste. The thickness of the wallet oftentimes forms the tastes of a person and his needs. Rich people can afford any whims they want and are ready to spend a fortune to get satisfaction.

The Golden Jet

Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah is one of the richest people in the world. The billionaire bought Airbus A340-212, the world's longest passenger aircraft worth $100 million. However, this was not enough for the sultan.


Airbus was send for improvement and revision to the American military-industrial company. The aircraft was modernized, the overall appearance changed and the design upscaled. The interior was generously decorated with 24-carat gold. The precious "tuning" cost the Brunei monarch $120 million.


The Golden Fleet

Turki bin Abdullah has been named the last Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, however, his belonging to the royal family still can’t be determined. The only indisputable fact is that the young man is fabulously rich. The 23-year-old guy is one of the richest people of the Arabian Kingdom.

Turki bin Abdullah has a special affection for gold. He owns seven prestigious and expensive cars in his personal fleet, each covered with 24-carat gold.


Young man often travels with his exclusive gold cars to different countries – precious cars fly along with Turki bin Abdullah on his private jet. The emergence of the golden cortege on the city streets shocks the townsfolk and delights journalists.

The Golden Bike

A unique hand-made motorbike, entirely covered with gold, was presented in Dubai in 2013. An unusual chopper was custom-made in a Danish workshop for the special annual gathering of motorbike lovers in the UAE


It took five months to make the golden bike. The jeweler covered the bike’s frame with special 24-carat gold plates, adding extra 15 kilos to the bike. The elegant chopper was adorned with 268 diamonds. Such precious "armor" makes this bike one of the most expensive in the world.

The manufacturer does not disclose the price of the motorbike. According to experts, the price of Lauge Jensen golden bike can reach $600,000 dollars.


Gold is an indicator of status and material well-being. The demand for this precious metal is increasing day by day.

Buy gold - a guarantee of financial security!