Malaysia welcomes the Global Tour 2016!

Malaysia welcomes the Global Tour 2016!


The Global Tour 2016 drops anchor in Malaysia! Hundreds of Global InterGold customers from Asia and Europe arrived to the first Global InterGold event in Asia to get the best motivation, master new business skills, and learn the future plans Global InterGold holds for Asia in the “Leadership Development” year.

What was the special surprise prepared for Asian customers? How many leaders were awarded and are willing to guide their business to success?

Malaysia and Gold Business: a story of Global Success!

Malaysia is a country where the latest technologies and the oldest traditions live together in harmony. Together with welcoming, hard-working and friendly inhabitants, it gathers the 3 components that have built the foundations of the Global InterGold business: gold, technology and people.

The Global Tour 2016 has arrived to Asia and the first stop was this special city. Global InterGold customers from Malaysia, Kuwait, the Philippines, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Singapore and many other countries came together at Swiss-Garden Hotel to attend the first Asian event and become great leaders to get to the very top.

On the first day, the event opened with awe-inspiring traditional Malaysian dances to the delight of the audience. The dancers in colorful dresses decorated with exquisite golden elements showed the importance of gold culture in the place. After this outstanding performance, the host invited the Director of Development for Global InterGold who was received by a round of applause.

“Why do you want financial freedom?”

That is how the Director greeted the public, followed by a storm of answers. The speaker gave insight into the history of gold business and its development until today, when Global InterGold has earned a reliable international reputation.

The Director highlighted the 21st Century business opportunities of the Online Gold Shop, the universality of the product and the novelties that await Global InterGold customers in 2016.

Since each Global Tour 2016 event is held under the slogan “Leadership Development”, important leaders from Europe went to Malaysia to share their business ideas and advice with their Eastern partners. The attendants took notes of every word to grow as leaders and achieve the main goal: financial freedom.

Afterwards, 7 Global InterGold customers and leaders were specially invited on stage to share their success stories. Customers from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Brunei, the Philippines and other countries went one by one and shared their inspiring stories.

They told how they overcame different personal obstacles because they had a dream, a goal, and the strength to keep moving towards success with Global InterGold. A real inspiration and motivation for everyone!

The culmination: Asia united

The culmination of the first day was a group photo that captured the emotion, excitement, happiness and high expectations of Global InterGold clients to reach the best success!

On the second day, there was another round of speeches by Global InterGold management and leaders dedicated to the main steps to take in order to succeed in gold business and how to become a good leader.

One of the organizers of the event also shared some words with the audience about the importance to develop the business with integrity and commitment.

At the long-awaited Leaders Award Ceremony, about 40 leaders went on stage to receive their well-deserved Global InterGold watches. Every customer was heartened by the ceremony: leaders to keep progressing to new levels, and customers to receive this exclusive award!

Global InterGold events are a source of motivation for everyone, and fortunately for Asian customers, the Global Tour 2016 continues in Asia!

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