Mexico leads 21st Century business opportunity in Latin America

Mexico leads 21st Century business opportunity in Latin America


The hard economic situation and lack of job opportunities in Mexico has brought people together in a business opportunity that allows them to earn money with gold.

Why do Mexicans create their own future with Global InterGold? Read on!

  • Financial support for your whole family:

“We have started this business because it provides everyone with financial support, all of us, my family and I are fulfilling our dreams. And I want you to fulfill your own too.”

Gustavo Prado

  • A user-friendly and convenient marketing program that allows people to earn money with gold:

“It allows us to buy gold and the most wonderful thing is that you can buy it through a marketing program. As client of the company, I can advertise the business and the company pays me with gold.”

Edna Campos

  • A stable product in the market and financial education to increase your income:

“Mexicans have the opportunity to buy a tangible, palpable product with financial strength in the world market. We can have financial education to support our own economy against the financial situation in our country, that's great.”

Cesar Reza

  • Possibility to achieve financial and time freedom to fulfill your life dreams:

“This is an international business that allows you to live your dreams and achieve financial freedom so that neither time nor money are an obstacle in your life. Make the best choice. I made it two years ago and I have earned almost 7 kilos of gold in incentives, I have traveled to different places, I have met wonderful people, and everything thanks to a choice: becoming a Global InterGold's client.”

Lucero Blasquez

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