Never ceasing to amaze the market, gold demand climbs by almost 150%

Never ceasing to amaze the market, gold demand climbs by almost 150%


Why does gold remain a valuable purchase? Whereas people have to remain passive spectators when the currency of their country depreciates and when giant conglomerates in which they own shares go bankrupt, they witness how their gold bars' value keeps increasing. 

Gold's incredible performance in the precious metals market

The demand for investment gold increases progressively. According to the data collected by the World Gold Council, the demand in the second quarter of 2016 is 2.5 times higher than in the first half of 2015. Back then, the global demand for gold jumped to 122%  (from 278 to 618 tons) almost reaching the record figure of 2,355 tons.

What is the reason for such a growth?

The World Gold Council observed that the investments in and purchases of ETFs has notably spurred the demand for gold. There are many other factors also driving the demand such as the anxiety concerning the central banks' decision on interest rates, depreciated currencies in Turkey and Russia, as well as tense situations in Europe caused by the Brexit and the U.S. upcoming presidential elections.


Along with economic ones, other drivers are to be considered. Gold is not just a reliable asset to secure people's and nations' finances – gold properties allow its use in different fields such as medicine, engineering and even space industry. In summary, gold has a guaranteed growing demand. 

Gold belongs in every portfolio and pocket 

Everyone has the right to achieve financial independence and attain a high standard of living.  And, as many people already do, everyone can create a personal gold reserve and obtain income of 5,000 – 10,000 EUR per month! Do you want to know how? 



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