[NEWS COMPILATION] Gold Coins: History & Charity

[NEWS COMPILATION] Gold Coins: History & Charity


Gold coins are making the headlines this week. From Hungary, to France, and from there to North America: experience the incredible stories they feature in 2017!

Hungary’s First Gold Coin of 2017 is dedicated to St. Margaret of Hungary

Who is St. Margaret of Hungary? She is a very important religious icon of the country. In fact, she is the symbol of self-discipline and Christian love. She was born in a royal family, but she refused to get married. Instead, she opted for a life of service to others, where she would perform the hardest works and wear the most humble clothes. She would spend her days working and her nights praying.

St. Margaret of Hungary was canonized due to the miracles said to have occurred at her tomb. In her memory and what she represents, the country has manufactured a gold coin showing a view of the current ruins of the Dominican monastery on St. Margaret Island and a fresco by Simone Martini in Assisi (Italy) at the back side.

France commemorates World War I's 100th anniversary with gold coins

These gold coins will be released on May 5th. They are intended to remember the World War I centennial and the fact that technological innovations in warfare were considered as major achievements during 1917.The year was also remembered for the addition of U.S. soldiers to the fight.

The coins will show a plane flying over a battlefield with two tanks and an American soldier in the foreground representing the entry of the United States to the war.

Rare gold coin helps building a new church in Indiana, USA

A woman, member of the GracePoint Church in Valparaiso, has donated such rare a gold coin to a church in Indiana that it is helping to pay the construction of a new church building.

According to the Wane Newspaper, the gold piece is one of only 10 known surviving 1866's “Liberty Head” coins with two eagles stamped, plus the sentence “In God we trust.”

When sold at auction, it could reach $300,000. It is so valuable that Heritage Auctions, the company in charge of selling the gold coin, has given the church $150,000 in advance to start the new building, as they are completely confident that the piece will be sold at a higher price.

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