Nokia returns… set in gold!

Nokia returns… set in gold!


Are you older than 25? Then you must remember a good old Nokia 3310. It was a real breakthrough of its time, a revolution in the field of mobile communications. How many hours did you spend playing the legendary Snake Game?

If you feel nostalgic, it's time to meet a new interpretation of the classics!

Die hard case, irresistible design, and presidential status”

The recently held in Hamburg G-20 summit has inspired the Russian phone customizers Caviar to release a unique gadget worth $2,500.

The familiar shape and time-tested hardware of Nokia 3310 have been reborn in titanium and gold. But wait for more! On the back, one can see distinct gold-plated portraits of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump and the G-20 logo.

If you don’t engage with politics, politics will engage with you”

This idea has become the motto of Caviar designers. According to their concept, both presidents face one direction, which symbolizes the hope for a common course of relationship development. Commitment to principles and firmness so necessary to protect the interests of their countries are expressed in the heavy-duty titanium case and a Damascus steel pattern.

The symbol of Global InterGold’s reliability: gold bars

Gold has been a symbol of power and wealth long before even the notion of "president" emerged. But in modern times, it still bears its relevance well.

Anyone can obtain gold fast and easily!