Problems with starting your own business? Not anymore!

Problems with starting your own business? Not anymore!


When you have already tried everything and lack the resources to start your own business, the solution is clear: build a gold business.

How does it work? Why is it within the reach of everyone?

Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016: Presenting the opportunity of earning with gold

The Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016 was celebrated on October 7th and 8th in Rome, and it was a decisive event for people in search of starting their own businesses.

This conference presented earning possibilities with investment gold; a product that, as evidenced in the event, offers a wide array of business opportunities.

At first glance, gold might seem a bit of a peculiar choice, but the experience of more than two million businessmen proves just the opposite. Gold is actually a wise choice.

Re-known investors acknowledge the increasing demand for gold as the growing interest of ordinary people places this precious metal as a popular asset and a solid foundation for a business.

Gold is a reliable product and a time-tested asset that has proven its profitability regardless of the economic situation.

Problems with funds?

The lack of funds has always been a stigma for business starters. Statistically, 90% of those businesses are forced to close within the first year, simply because they don't get enough profit and end up indebted. However, a large start-up capital or an office are not a must when starting a business nowadays.

The Global InterGold company has developed a unique business model for entrepreneurs. The model is based on the purchase and sale of investment gold bars as well as on recommending the company’s product and services. The company uses a loyalty program that allows customers to purchase the company's product under special conditions.

Global InterGold's customers buy sets of gold bars for 5-15% of their total cost and recommend other people to buy the product and seize its profitability. After a certain number of successful recommendations, clients receive bonuses for their efficient business promotion.

Unlike being an employee or running a traditional business, conducting a gold business implies independence and self-management of working hours, income, and working system.

A successful business of your own

Running your own business is a reasonable decision. After all, we all seek autonomy and independence; and this is possible with Global InterGold.

You do not need a large initial capital to be successful and start making money: your time and income are in your hands.

Five reasons to start a business with gold here!