Profitable business opportunity for the Philippines in 2017

Profitable business opportunity for the Philippines in 2017


The economy of the Philippines is picking up steam in 2017 after a severe crisis and keeps improving step by step. The government looks to the future with optimism.

But, does that mean that Filipinos have a better life quality? Could Filipinos living overseas return now to their motherland?

How did the Philippines start 2017?

In spite of a challenging global economic environment, the general economy is in good shape. Since the first half of 2016, it is one of the most dynamic economies in East Asia. The most influential factors have been the improvement of the services sector and a highly competitive workforce.

Risky territory

But while the short-term outlook is steeply positive, the nation's growth model presents risks in the medium and long term. These include higher interest rates in the US and the European Union, and difficulties to meet the external demand.

How to guarantee a stable growth?

One of the ways to guarantee the revival of the Philippines' economy would be a higher market competition. However, only foreigners can afford the high costs that running a traditional business involves, and the workforce is mainly foreigner too, resulting in a massive migration of Filipinos to other countries in search of opportunities.

Do Filipinos enjoy a quality living standard? What opportunities do Filipinos overseas have to return to their motherland?

Whether they had to leave their country and family or decided to stay, all of them depend on the creation of stable and decent employment.

However, more and more Filipinos seeking a good life standard choose to develop an online business with Global InterGold, with which they can work from any point of the world.

What is Global InterGold?

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