Rare Roman gold coin and other TOP “Most Wanted Historical Gold Coins”

Rare Roman gold coin and other TOP “Most Wanted Historical Gold Coins”


The archaeologists in charge of the project “Mount Zion Archaeological Dig” in Jerusalem have announced the finding of a rare Roman gold coin.

Historical gold coins like that are highly valued. Read about the details of the new discovery and what other gold coins are in the interest of experts.

Ancient rare gold coin found!

The archaeologists Shimon Gibson, James Tabor, and Rafael Lewis are responsible for the discovery of this rare gold coin. It displays a portrait of the young Roman emperor Nero depicted as Caesar. The inscriptions of the coin identify the date in which it was struck: 56/57 AD, a decade before the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans.

“The coin is exceptional, because this is the first time that a coin of this kind has turned up in Jerusalem in a scientific dig. Coins of this type are usually only found in private collections, where we don’t have clear evidence as to place of origin,” said S. Gibson, an adjunct professor of religious studies at UNC Charlotte.

The archaeologists team think that the coin must have belonged to wealthy members of the priestly and aristocratic caste located in the Upper City of Jerusalem.

Even though there is no historical evidence that the emperor Nero ever visited the city, his image in the coin is very important because it provides clear evidence of the Roman occupation.

TOP “Most Wanted Historical Gold Coins”

If the discovery of the coin has been great news, then you should know about other historical gold coins. These ones triumph in the world of collecting due to their high historical value but affordable price.

1. Coronet gold $5 coin

The U.S. Mint produced a lot of gold coins from the mid-1790s until 1933, the last year of circulating gold issues. The most common of the Coronet Head coin series is the 1881 one, which costs $450.

2. 1986 Statue of Liberty gold $5 coin

This is a big jump from a classic coin series to a modern one. This modern series of commemorative coins from 1986 featured the artwork of Elizabeth Jones. One coin is priced at $350.

3. 1987 Constitution gold $5 coin

Another commemorative series but, this time, with the artwork of Marcel Jovine. The coin can be considered as a common one but it has a relatively high mintage for a modern proof gold coin. It costs about $350.

4. 2006 San Francisco Old Mint gold $5 coin

This coin is quite modern but it has the same reverse as the Coronet gold $5 coin. Moreover, it is 10 times less common than the Statue of Liberty gold $5 coin. Its price is $365.

5. British gold sovereigns of Queen Victoria coin

This coin has a lot of history and yet, it has survived to the present day at the same weight and fineness. That is why, depending on the date, the price ranges from $315 to thousands of dollars.

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