Report on the GIGs record-breaking event in Mexico: Over 1,000 attendees!

Report on the GIGs record-breaking event in Mexico: Over 1,000 attendees!


During 9th and 10th July, the Hotel Fiesta Americana Reforma in Mexico hosted a Global InterGold conference attended by more than a thousand people, including a very special guest.

Each Global InterGold conference in Mexico is an impressive large-scale event full of motivation and positivism.

This Global Tour 2016 conference in the capital of Mexico was no exception. The attendance of more than 1,000 people proved the importance of the company's conferences for the successful conduct of the business.

What attracted so many Global InterGold's customers to the conference in Mexico?

The guests of the conference arrived in Mexico from many different countries to get to know the latest information about the business and the company's future plans, and to listen to a special guest and meet their business partners.

Two major issues were covered:

• the opening of a representative office in Mexico

• the presentation of the Global Pad Promotion

GIG's continental office in Mexico will open soon

The long-awaited GIG's representative office in Mexico will open its doors very soon. So far, some clients have been able to visit the office premises and enjoy the breathtaking view from the windows. This is going to be the first Global InterGold continental office for all Latin America. The building is located in a business center of Mexico in Reforma Street.

Customers tried the new Global Pads out

The presentation of the Global Pad Promotion was another important part of the event. The attendees of the conference were informed about the possibility of receiving a present from the company until 15th January, 2017: a GIG-branded Apple iPad mini Gold with all the promotional materials of the company. Customers tried the Apple iPads out and recorded their opinions:

A masterclass from a master of motivation

The speech of the invited guest, Karen Hoyos, was very important. She is a globally recognized speaker and coach, and a star in several TV channels. She delivered an exclusive speech especially for the Global InterGold's clients during the conference in Mexico.

The Global InterGold conference in Mexico gathered both leaders and the company’s management

This event gathered Global InterGold's management and eminent leaders together. Many of the latter received valuable awards and shared their success stories with the audience.

The photos and videos taken are only little evidence of all what is lived in Global InterGold's events. Attend the company’s events, expand the boundaries of your business, and reach new personal and professional goals.

Next GIG's conference will be held in Barcelona on 20th August. Do not miss anything!