Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Who have all the chances to win gold?

Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Who have all the chances to win gold?


The whole world is closely following the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Fractions of seconds matter and nerves are on the edge.

How many gold medalists are there by now? Which names will remain in the history of the Olympic Games?

Everybody is talking about it! We could not miss the course of events in Rio!

It is the moment for athletes to show what they are made of. The Olympic Games in Rio are full of records and unexpected twists. The competition is incredibly intense! And the eyes of the world are fixed on the strongest and fastest.

What countries lead the way?

At the moment, the US, China, and Japan head the table. The United States count with 38 medals in total, and almost half of them are gold. Out of the 30 medals won by China, 11 are gold; while Japan has only won 7 gold medals. Russia is now ranked the 7th, right behind Australia, South Korea, and Hungary, but ahead of the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. [12.08.16]

Who are the most outstanding gold medalists?

Michael Phelps, an American swimmer, has hit the headlines. He has already won 4 gold medals in short and long distances. His collection of Olympic gold medals goes up to 22! Michael Phelps’ victories have become an absolute record in the history of the Olympic Games.

The eminent weightlifter from China, Moon Tsintsuan, has set a new world record and won gold as well, contributing to the Olympic achievements of his country. China has obtained some more medals for the best performances in platform diving, table tennis, swimming, and shooting. Japan's gold medals are due to Masu Baker, Haruka Tatimoto, and Shohei Ono in judo, swimming, and gymnastics.

What is the value of the gold the winners receive?

According to the rules of the International Olympic Committee, an Olympic gold medal contains at least 6 grams of pure gold, and the rest is silver (494 grams). If Gracenote Data Analytics' forecasts come true, the United States will lead the overall ranking with 41 gold medals with a nominal value of $ 24,641. China is expected to rank the second in the list with 31 gold medals worth of $ 18,631. And Russia is believed to take the third place and win 20 gold medals worth of $ 12,020 in total.

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We wish the best of success to all the participants of the Olympic Games in Rio and prosperity to those building their business with gold!