Rome, from 7th – 8th October: the global conference on high income and business with Global InterGold

Rome, from 7th – 8th October: the global conference on high income and business with Global InterGold


“Business, gold, and high income”. This is the motto of the Global Convention 2016 which will be held in Rome, Italy from 7th – 8th October to bring together all the stakeholders looking for an additional or primary source of income.

What kind of information can you obtain there? How to register for the event? Why is it worth attending? Find the answers in this article.

Global Convention 2016: an event of crucial importance

Global Convention 2016 is a traditional global conference dedicated to international business, entrepreneurial skills, and earnings with the most favorable asset of history: gold. This high-level event will be held for the 6th year in a row.

Clients from more than 50 countries have already attended GIG's Global Conventions at least once!

This year's event will take place in the Eternal City of Rome, from 7th - 8th October. The exact venue will be disclosed very soon.

Why Rome?

The organizational team of Global InterGold's Online Gold Shop for the purchase and selling of investment gold bars has chosen this city based on the experience of previous years: Rome has a comfortable environment for both business events and leisure activities. All roads lead to Rome for a reason.

The last event of the company in Rome brought together almost 600 people from the 5 continents, being able to gather customers from Russia, Spain, Italy, Mexico, France, Japan, Peru, the Philippines, etc.

Why are Global InterGold's events so popular?

Every event of Global InterGold comprise high-quality organization, eventful programs, addresses of successful businessmen, free materials for the development of the clients’ businesses with the support of the company, the opportunity to make useful contacts with businessmen from all over the world, awards for successful customers, and fabulous surprises.

How was last GIG's conference in Rome? Watch and find out:

Registration for the Global Convention 2016 and the cost of participation

All the stakeholders in earning opportunities with gold can take part in this business conference.

If you still do not have an account in Global InterGold's website, simply register there for free. The registration period for the Convention will last until 5th October.

Participation fee — 75 EUR.

Further details about the event on the Global Convention 2016 page