Round table discussion: Global InterGold conference in South Korea

Round table discussion: Global InterGold conference in South Korea


The conference in Busan became a fabulous final for the Global Tour's trip across Asia. How did South Korea win the hearts of its guests? What useful information did the company's customers acquire at the conference?

The 3rd Global Tour 2016 event in Asia took place in Busan, the second largest city of South Korea, on 26 March.

Business meetings and team-building

Upon their arrival to the city, the conference's guests had a meeting with the Global InterGold leader and event's organizer Yushin Young. Afterwards, they went for a walk to enjoy the city's landscapes and immerse themselves in the South Korean cultures while getting to know each other.

The customers walked along a famous cinema street in the Huaeundae district, tried some traditional local cuisine and visited the modern business center.

This day was merely a warm up before the Global InterGold event started. After traveling so far, many of them had to recharge their batteries so that they could come away full of useful business knowledge after the event.

Global InterGold event

The Global Tour conference in Busan was dedicated to educational seminars on business skills improvement.

The customers arrived at the luxury Hotel Commodore and received their admission wristbands and promotional materials. Many customers were wearing the national costumes of South Korea as well as from other countries. The Global InterGold events are always a blending of cultures that bring cultural enrichment to the attendees.

The Global InterGold conference in Busan featured the presence of important customers from all over the globe: France, Spain, Russia, Germany, Indonesia and the Philippines among other countries.

The Director of Development for Global InterGold, George Fuzesi, delivered the keynote speech. He was followed by the Global InterGold business pioneer in South Korea Svetlana Kagai, the leader and event's organizer Yushin Young and other leaders who were warmly supported by the audience and rounds of applause.

The conference hall was arranged with the round tables, and the most outstanding customers of the company were invited to the stage to get their well-deserved awards from the Director of Development and share their success stories.

Global Tour South Korea: Postscript

The customers did not let the opportunity to visit this gorgeous South Korean city pass them by. Customers from South Korea took them to a majestic Buddhist temple; the biggest shopping center in the world, the Store Centrum City and a giant fish market with various exotic sea products.

Cultural enrichment as well as the implementation of new knowledge are essential for a successful business development!

These two intensive days of the Global Tour event in Busan inspired conference guests for the whole year!

On 30th April and 1st May an event of significant importance for all Global InterGold customers, the Global Assembly 2016, will be held!

We look forward to seeing you in Rome, Italy!