Seize the opportunity to earn with gold in the Philippines!

Seize the opportunity to earn with gold in the Philippines!


High and stable income, confidence in the future, financial freedom... All these goals become reality for those who are engaged in the gold business!

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The gold business is based on the purchase of investment gold, which has become available to everyone thanks to the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop.

What is Global InterGold?

It is an international company that offers its customers to buy gold profitably and earn thousands of euros a month. You create gold reserves, provide for your family, and build a strong team by inviting those who want to change their lives for the better to join the business.

All you need to start a gold business is to choose a set of gold bars, place an order, and tell your friends and other people about this amazing chance to get rich!

Our clients' opinion

Global InterGold unites more than 2 million people, and this number is growing every day. The customers of the Online Gold Shop are happy to talk about their experience with the company:

“What do I like the most about this business? Earning with gold and meeting people from all over the world!”

Michael K., the Philippines/Japan

“I brought this business into my life, and this business has changed it. It not only taught me how to do business, but also improved me as a person.“

Stephanie D., the Philippines

“This business is glamorous, this business is glorious, this business is rewarding. I am happy to be a part of it!”

Rhoie S., the Philippines

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Why the residents of the Philippines cannot miss this chance to start their own business?

Because this is a solution to a serious problem: the inability to provide for your family and loved ones and give them the life they deserve. With Global InterGold, anyone can become a successful business person regardless of their gender, education and experience.

It is no longer necessary to leave the country and fear the uncertainties of the future! Be happy, wealthy, and free with Global InterGold!

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