Spains Cathedrals Beach: a golden paradise to be discovered

Spains Cathedrals Beach: a golden paradise to be discovered


Cathedrals Beach is known to be Spain's 'made of gold' beach. Local authorities have recently unveiled evidence that point out to a great abundance of gold in the place.

What have they found? Read on!

Cathedrals Beach – The Past of Galicia

Cathedrals Beach is located in the northern Spanish region of Galicia. The collection of arches and caves of this beach is responsible for the name of the place. Such structures have been formed over the years due to the waves hitting the cliffs, which end up carrying away parts of the rock with them.

Both residents and tourists have described the area as 'unbelievably beautiful' since its nature-made structures look like cathedral chambers.

It is also known that the Romans built monumental structures near Cathedrals Beach; in fact, all of them still stand today. What's curious about their presence in Galicia is that they somehow knew about the great abundance of gold the place housed. According to reports from local authorities, it was one of the primary reasons why Romans conquered the region more than 2,000 years ago.

Ancient Roman gold in its rocky bowels

The 'Nature World News' website speaks about historical records and surveys conducted there that “point to the possibility that there might be gold mines as old as the Roman period within the bowels of Cathedrals Beach and its surroundings waiting to be rediscovered.”

Evidence suggests that there are mines with quartz veins containing gold. And, since the beach itself contains quartz veins all over, it might be safe to conclude that the beach also contains a large amount of gold.

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