Start your own Gold Business in the Philippines!

Start your own Gold Business in the Philippines!


Are you a Filipino go-getter and want to run a profitable and safe business? The Global InterGold company offers a reliable business opportunity with an improved service for the Philippines.

Why is this the best moment for Filipinos to start a gold business?

The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop...

… is for people to buy and sell investment gold bars. Besides, the company offers clients a marketing program to buy gold and run their own business to create a stable source of income.

How does the marketing program work?

The client places an order for a gold bars set and makes a small prepayment. Then, he invites at least 2 people to place an order and advances on the table. Once the table is complete, he receives reward units (= euros) and the purchase is finished.


You can earn 7,000 EUR in the first month → It is profitable, fast, and reliable.

You choose how much to spend → The prepayment amount depends on the type of order

You work with a strong international team → The company is booming worldwide

You decide how much you work and earn → The business adapts to your needs

You count on the company and other clients' support → Free business training

More stable and safer than ever!

Global InterGold is always centered on client satisfaction! That is why, the company has established an agreement with a local company in the Philippines that will make sure every activity complies with the laws. More details at: (legal information)

A business for every Filipino

It is a proven business opportunity that allows people all over the world to reach financial freedom, provide for their family, and help thousands of people.

The gold business is happening in the Philippines with or without you. So, what are you waiting for?

Become a client now!