Stop waiting for Monday!

Stop waiting for Monday!



A delayed life syndrome

Do you still believe that the wizard will fly over to you and fulfill all your desires as if by magic?

Or do you think that you can do everything yourself, but not today, let’s say, on Monday?

The so-called delayed life syndrome means that a person does not live a full life but waits for better times when everything will change. As a rule, change does not occur.



90% of people put off their dreams, thinking: “It would be nice to realize it someday.”

The most common words that a person uses in his/her lexicon are: “later”, “someday”, “after that”, “as soon as”, “tomorrow”, “I’ll finish this and then I will start that”. Meanwhile, life is passing by.

Due to the fact that unfulfilled desires and unrealized goals drain a lot of strength and energy, a person feels annoyed. The aimlessness of existence puts pressure on the psychological state, making it impossible to act resolutely and enjoy every day.


The first step

The path to living “here and now” begins with a conscious decision to stop postponing important tasks. Finding a solution is hardly enough, one must be willing to stop putting off life for later.

Most often, a person is prevented from deciding to take the first step due to the simple fear of leaving the comfort zone, doing something wrong and provoking public disapproval.

The main reasons why a person keeps waiting for better times to come are laziness, procrastination and wrong life guidelines.



To get rid of the delayed life syndrome, it is important to analyze your life and begin to control every step you take to see the result.

The new GoalSet Master tool will help anyone find a new goal or get closer to fulfilling a previously intended plan.

GoalSet Master has an impact on human thinking in the process of developing a specific goal. By sticking to the plan while pursuing a goal and reflecting on what has been achieved so far, every person will become better, staying focused on the main thing.

GoalSet Master

will allow you to carefully work out the path to the desired goal.

Try out the GoalSet Master, and feel how your desire inspires not only you, but also people around you! So many new strengths are awakened when there is interest in what one wants to achieve. You will see for yourself that you are no longer dawdling, you no longer need the approval of others, because you take action!

Every step you take with the GoalSet Master brings you closer to the goal.

You will not wait for Monday or achieve “someone else’s” goals, you will not feel constantly disappointed for not living up to other people’s standards.


Come to the realization of how much joy you can have!

This is the standard of living you deserve!

Take action! You will succeed!