Strange business ideas worth a million

Strange business ideas worth a million


Sometimes, crazy ideas come to one’s head. Today we will give examples of strange looking businesses which resulted in million-dollar earnings. 

You can earn money wherever and whenever! People come up with incredible ideas and implement them!

Layout design project

Business idea author: 16-year-old Ashley Qualls

Ashley took her path by illustrating her friends’ MySpace pages. The works of the artist and graphic designer won massive popularity.

The girl invested 8 dollars to launch her website and young designers started posting their pieces of art on it. In 3 years, Ashley earned the first million. At age 14, the girl became the owner of her own business. The youngest millionaire in the world refuses to sell it despite tempting offers.

The secret of success is to find your niche.

Holy LaserMinks business

Business idea author: the monk Bernard McCoy from the Spring Bank monastery

The history of this business began when the monastery ran out of printer ink. Ordering new ink has proved too costly because of the suppliers’ margins. So the monks began to refill cartridges themselves and offer this service to other people at an affordable price. All profits went to charity.

The secret of success is to focus on help, not profit.

The Cheese Lady business

Business idea author: Sarah Kauffman

This business began with one’s love for cheese and art. All Sarah's products are the result of manual labor. Each ‘cheesy’ masterpiece takes from 6 to 12 hours to make. No surprise that Sara Kauffman is called the Cheese Lady.

The secret of success is talent, hard work and love for cheese.

Wuvit pillow business

Business idea author: Kim Levine

A young mommy started her business in the kitchen. Once she came up with the idea of filling a pillowcase with grain warmed in a microwave. That is how a wonderful cushion for relaxation was born. Kim enjoyed presenting her pillows to friends and acquaintances until the large Saks Department Store offered to take this unusual item for sale.

The secret of success is to see the unusual in simple things.

Sweet SuperJam business

Business idea author: Fraser Doherty

Fraser was 14 years old when he cooked his first jam according to his grandmother's recipe.

The first fans of his homemade jam were the parishioners from the local church. The glory of jars with tasty contents spread quickly. In 2 years, Fraser signed a contract with the Waitrose department store network.

The most touching part of the teenager’s business is the organization of charity The SuperJam Tea Parties where lonely people are invited. Fraser believes that such tea meetings are the best thing that he could ever imagine.

The secret of success is the desire to care about others.


These are examples of the most unusual ideas for business development, which once skyrocketed.

Belief in yourself, support of your loves ones, and desire to advance are key moments of success.

Listen to your heart and professionals’ advice and reach heights in your business! Let it bring you a million income!

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