The “China Gold & Precious Metals Summit” has started!

The “China Gold & Precious Metals Summit” has started!


For the 11th consecutive year, the “China Gold & Precious Metals Summit” is celebrated in Shanghai. The event takes place from December 7th-8th.

Read on and find out what this event is about! Why is it important?

On December 7th-8th, Shanghai is hosting more than 250 world’s best mining companies, refiners, mints, bullion banks, and other entities related to the metals industry.

What is this event about?

This annual large-scale conference is devoted to metals prices movement, inflation expectations, physical buying interests, and other topics alike. In other words, everything that affects the metals industry.

With this event, China seeks to further work on the country's innovations and development strategies.


The main topics of this year's conference include:

- The future perspectives for the gold industry and market

- Gold supply and demand

- Political influence over the gold market

- Investment options



More gold-related events to come

Next year is full of interesting events related to gold. One example is Global InterGold's Global Assembly 2017.

The company's conferences are well known for addressing topics such as how to run a business and earn with gold.

The Global InterGold company for the purchase and sale of investment gold bars celebrates conferences at a global scale. The Global Assembly 2017 will take place during May 6th - 7th in Kuala Lumpur. But there are more to come!

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