"The City of Gold" releases solid gold coffee cups

"The City of Gold" releases solid gold coffee cups


Here it is: the ultimate luxurious touch to your morning breakfast or afternoon tea! Watch the impressive work of a jeweler from the Turkish "City of Gold"!

Kahramanmaraş: a city of skillful jewelers

Kahramanmaraş is a Turkish city situated in the Mediterranean Region of the country, and it is widely known as "The City of Gold" due to its skillful jewelers.

The city recently hosted the Middle East Kahramanmaraş Gold Jewelry and Silver Fair, an event that counted with a star in its 13th edition.

Solid gold coffee cups worth $15,440

The hands behind this creation are those of Haci Öz, a Turkish jeweler who has crafted two coffee cups and a tray all made of solid gold and embellished with emeralds. Each cup weighs 300 grams, and is sold on the market at $15,440.

The cups took more than a month to be finished, but they will forever add splendor to their future owners' morning routine.

Drinking coffee like royalty or the life you want?

Whether you prefer to drink from these golden cups every day or not, it is unquestionable that gold brings long-lasting well-being to everybody. This is why thousands of people entrust their financial future to gold.

Choose gold. Live the life you want.