The earliest pieces of gold EVER discovered!

The earliest pieces of gold EVER discovered!


There is still room for discoveries in the world of gold! The Telegraph newspaper has published wonderful news that demonstrate that gold was used much earlier than it was known.

Read on and get to know all the details!

Buried in a farmer's field

It may seem a coincidence but the friends Mark Hambleton and Joe Kania, the pair behind the finding, were actually on a treasure hunting trip when they came across gold jewelry from the Iron Age.

The farmer's field is located in Staffordshire, England, the exact place where the jewelry was found.

What did they find?

The collection is made up of four gold neck ornaments that, according to experts, must have belonged to wealthy powerful women who probably moved from continental Europe to marry rich Iron Age chiefs.

Archaeologists believe they may have been buried for safekeeping, as an offering to a God, or as an act of remembrance for someone who had died.

The first conclusions

The Telegraph writes that the gold pieces could date back as far as 400BC. It is the earliest Iron Age gold work ever discovered in Britain.

They are of hugely significance because they could reveal new details about the movement of Iron Age communities.

Stuart Heath, farmer and owner of the field, said: “Mark has detected on our land before and it is amazing to think these gold pieces have been lying undiscovered since long before we farmed here.”

The owner had given the two friends permission to search his land; so if the treasure is sold, profits will be equally distributed among them.

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