The era of financial uncertainty: how not to lose money?

The era of financial uncertainty: how not to lose money?



Difficult times beget fear and doubt. On the one hand, a person understands that he/she needs to act and take measures to protect the future. On the other hand, the person is haunted by a generally justified fear of taking the wrong step and losing everything he/she has.


Traps are everywhere

The modern information space is filled with tempting offers and flashy advertisements. We are offered truly magical ways to accumulate money, promises are made that make one’s head spin.

“Guaranteed income — 1000% per annum! Absolutely everyone makes money with us! Start earning from $1,500 per month!” You have probably come across similar slogans more than once.

All this sounds so appealing, and one really wants to believe it to be true. But we live in the real world, not in a fairy tale, and there are no miracles in this world. Fancy words and promises of huge profits entail the same huge risks. You can, of course, try leaving it up to the wheel of fortune. But is it worth it?


A justified choice

A period of crisis is hardly the best time for risky ventures. In the moment of need, it makes more sense to choose reliable and proven solutions.

The GIG-OS platform does not propose you to get rich in no time. We offer the best of the currently available ways to PRESERVE accumulated funds and survive the crisis with minimal losses.

This method is not based on secret algorithms, complicated programs or blind luck. We have simply used the experience of previous generations, which shows that money is most reliably protected when it is invested in GOLD.


Why gold?

Because it is of real physical value. An asset that will not vanish due to inflation, as a result of the collapse of the banking system, economic or political shift.

Its long history speaks in favor of gold: no currency, no form of cash investment has existed for as long as the yellow metal. Even if the modern financial system crumbles, gold will remain a highly desirable and sought-after asset, unlike most national currencies.


In the chart: over the past century, the world’s major reserve currencies* — the US dollar, Japanese yen, Swiss franc and British pound — have depreciated by more than 80% against gold.


Can you imagine a situation in which gold becomes useless? Even in the years of wars and disasters, when everyone needed primarily food and medicine, the precious metal was still in demand as much as before. People hid it in secret places until better times, and when the troubles were over, the owners of gold could quickly deal with the consequences of the crisis and return to a normal life.

Today, when the coronavirus pandemic undermines the stability of the global economy, the price of the yellow metal has reached unprecedented levels of more than $2,000 an ounce. And the numbers continue to grow!


The conclusion is therefore clear: gold means reliability, serving as the best tool of Financial Security.


Anyone can secure their savings, guarantee their longevity and provide impenetrable protection against risks thanks to the GIG-OS platform offering.

By launching two special projects, we have made investment gold as accessible as possible:

"GIG-OS Time-Shift"


"GIG-OS Fixing"

Participation in these projects will help you become the owner of gold bars in the most profitable way. Each of the projects has its own unique strengths that push the boundaries of opportunities for gold buyers.


Preserve what you have today.
And then you will be able to create a prosperous tomorrow.



*A reserve currency (aka anchor currency) — a universal currency that is held in significant quantities by central banks as part of their foreign exchange reserves.