The giveaway of gold in Malaysia

The giveaway of gold in Malaysia



B More than 500 reverse-vending machines for used glass and plastic containers were set up across Malaysia. For each recycled can, the locals will receive 0.00059 grams of gold.

A reverse-vending machine (RVM) is a sales-based system for goods and services, which has proved to be a convenient way of doing business.

The project for installation of devices that accept containers was implemented with the participation of a local company that recycles waste.

In developing Asian countries, people use plastic bottles in large quantities. City dumps are filled with food cans, posing a real threat to the environment.

Robin Lee, the author of the idea, is confident that thanks to the reverse-vending machines that offer gold in exchange for plastic, people will be motivated to take care of the local ecology.

Precious metal is not given out to people, gold is credited to a special "gold" account for each deposited container.

The physical gold credited by the vending machines is stored in a depository of Singapore.

The love of Malaysians for gold is great. In 2006, gold currency was issued in the province of Kelantan, which later became used in other regions of the country. Now Malaysia became the first country in the world where it is possible to earn gold for an empty food container.

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