The Global Tour crosses the Equator in Quito!

The Global Tour crosses the Equator in Quito!


The second Global Tour 2016 event has taken place in Quito, Ecuador. The country has an entrenched tradition of gold, but at this convention it was taken to another level.

The Equator line divides the globe in two hemispheres, but its people have known to unite the world with Global InterGold! How was the second success of the Global Tour 2016?

The second event of the Global Tour 2016 under the slogan “Leadership Development” took place on January 31 in Quito – one of Latin America's most beautiful cities. The prestigious Best Western Premier CPlaza Hotel has been the chosen site of this important convention.

Eager to learn everything about the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop, customers from Ecuador and other countries headed to the capital. The event featured inspiring speeches by the leaders and company management on the Global InterGold opportunities, which reminded the attendants what an amazing achievement it is to reach financial well-being!

Towards the end of the event, the talented organizers of the convention showed that they know how to best celebrate their high results. Unsurprisingly, they all left with the best of impressions.

Global InterGold customers and leaders enjoyed their free time in the city where they could experience the lively atmosphere of the historical center and the hospitality of its people. Even those who have never been to Quito may have heard of the famous Pichincha volcano, where customers have recorded Global InterGold reviews, always thinking about those who could not attend it.

Attending the Global Tour 2016 events is a way of going beyond the limits of what we usually think of as a travel. It isn't just a business, it's an adventure!

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