The Golden Dance of Neurons

The Golden Dance of Neurons



The human brain is a complex biological mechanism with enormous potential. This vital organ holds many mysteries that aren’t revealed yet. Truly amazing and incomprehensible processes occur in our gray matter every second.

American scientists from the University of Pennsylvania worked on creating colorful images of the human brain over many years. Neurobiology specialists combined several time-consuming technical processes: gold engraving, computer simulation, hand-painting with gold, photolithography. The project, implemented by the scientists, was named “Self Reflected”.

Thanks to the hard work, they skillfully managed to depict the work of 500,000 neurons on a sagittal slice of the human brain. The map of the tiniest gold-painted nerve cells looks like a fantastic luminous imagery.

Dynamic images demonstrate a metamorphosis that occurs in parts of the human brain when the lighting changes.

The colossal work of scientists from Pennsylvania can be described as the form of modern art and the most detailed artistic depiction of the human brain. The project “Self Reflected” triumphed during the international competition of scientific visualization “The Vizzies” in 2017, wining in the “choice of experts” nomination.