The Golden Dome of Havana

The Golden Dome of Havana



It became known that Russia will be involved in the process of restoration of the El Capitolio’s golden dome in Havana, Cuba. It was reported that the country's administration asked Russian Federation to join efforts and participate in the restoration work of the famous building.


The Cuban authorities decided to restore the National Capitol (El Capitolio) to mark the historical event: the 500th anniversary of Havana that will be celebrated in November 2019.

The neoclassical El Capitolio building was built in the old part of the city in 1929. For 30 years it served as a Cuban Parliament. The height of the El Capitolio is 92 meters, and earlier it was considered the tallest building in Havana. Since 1959, it is open to public. Currently, the building, which is used as a congress center, has been comprised of the Cuban Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Environment.

Interesting fact: The National Capitol has a kilometer zero marker, decorated with a large diamond of 25 carats, located under the building’s dome. The jewel belonged to Nicholas II of Russia, the last Emperor of Russia.


The head of the Historical Center of Havana Eusebio Leal said that the National Capitol will be used for meetings of the National Assembly of People's Power (the parliament of Cuba) once again quite soon. It’s not a coincidence that Russian experts were chosen to participate in the dome’s restoration; they have a great deal of experience in the gilding of dome churches and cathedrals.

In the photo: the gilding restoration of the El Capitolio dome shall start in due course, lasting for a year and a half.


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