The Golden Jewel of Winchester University

The Golden Jewel of Winchester University


The heart of the campus of the University of Winchester, England, shines now with special splendor: a golden extension has been added to Winchester university chapel!

Why have architects chosen gold for this project? Find it out!

A golden Gothic revival

The Winton chapel at the University of Winchester is well-known in England as a Gothic-revival building. It was originally built in 1880 in the Hampshire town, and today you can find from religious services to music performances there.

The local architecture studio Design Engine carried out a complete restoration of it so that the building could return to its original state... Not without adding a touch of gold: a small side space, an extension to the north side of the old chapel.

The idea was to create a very special project to sit as a small 'jewel' in the heart of the campus” said the architects.

Literally, a jewel within the campus

The small side chapel is not only intended to be extra space, but also “a jewel within the campus: a place for prayer and quiet contemplation, a place where one can be both moved and inspired," added Richard Webster, project manager at the University of Winchester.

It has been built with golden aluminium panels, which are perforated to allow light to enter inside and for the structure to glow by night. Isn't it beautiful?

Add gold to your life too.