The Latest Trend: Golden Hair Dryer

The Latest Trend: Golden Hair Dryer



"Our job is to invent and improve."

James Dyson


The English company "Dyson" released a hair dryer decorated with gold. The device is sold for $500.

The hair dryer is covered with 23,75 carat gold. It’s a perfect mix of engineering precision and artistic aesthetics.


In the photo: A hair dryer, decorated with gold, which, according to the manufacturers, is absolutely noiseless.

Gold leaf, which has been used in the dryer’s design, comes from Florence. The choice was made in favor of Italian gold which is well-known for its luminance and brilliance.

In the photo: The hairdryer is covered with five layers of gold with a thickness of 0,1 microns. In order to grasp how unimaginably small this number is, one must know that there are million microns in one meter.


Under the layer of the precious yellow metal is the main red coating. This shade has not been chosen by chance. Over time, it should become apparent, making every single product quite original.

The TV ad of the hairdryer features Karen Haslewood. She is a professional gilder, an artist who specializes in gold and organizes gold workshop.

Designers are using gold in the decoration of furniture, interior design and retail more frequently.


Gold is always in trend.

Gold is reliable and durable.