The most expensive product in the world? Gold caviar!

The most expensive product in the world? Gold caviar!


The favorite aristocrats’ dainty has acquired a new look. How much does a kilogram of gold caviar cost?  

We already know about gold burgers, sushi, ice creams and many other delicious dishes which feature gold in some form. But gold caviar is a completely different level of ultimate luxury!

Secret of success

Austrian entrepreneur Walter Grüll has become the ‘father’ of an extravagant delicacy worth 200,000 euros per kilogram. The masterpiece, which looks like a thin golden powder, is made of white caviar of albino sturgeons mixed with gold flakes.

Tips from the caviar lord

Walter suggests preparing gold butter for sandwiches with his exclusive caviar or adding it to a soup, risotto, sauce or pasta. This ingredient will give the dish an inexpressible color and taste.

Mr. Grüll asserts that the caviar is extracted from the fish bred in ecologically clean water and edible gold is not just a fad for beauty and value boost, but also a real benefit for the body (especially for immune system).

You can eat gold but why not to earn with it?

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