The Most Valuable Golden Books

The Most Valuable Golden Books


We tell about books covered with golden bindings.


"Books were only one type of receptacle where we stored a lot of things we were afraid we might forget."

Ray Bradbury


The book is the source of wisdom and virtue, a counselor and a friend. The book fosters and teaches us, accompanies throughout life, revealing the whole palette of the surrounding world to everyone.

The book fills the person up spiritually, educates and guides. This is a luxury item that speaks of the status of the owner. A sophisticated refinement is a distinctive feature of medieval handwritten books (codes, manuscripts.) Dozens of craftsmen have worked on these editions: jewelers, enamellists, carvers, minters. Skillfully made gilded covers are decorated with raw ivory, expensive fabrics, diamonds, emeralds, pearls and precious metals, including gold. These unique bindings are priceless works of art.

Golden book cover binding of the early Middle Ages

(from 476 to 1100 years)

The richly embroidered binding of the 7th century Gospel is the most ancient golden book cover of the Middle Ages. It was made by the order of the Queen of Leuchtenberg of Theodolinde Beauharnais. This unique exhibit is framed with gold leaf, decorated with Byzantine enamels and precious stones.

The book can be seen in the vaults of the Cathedral of the Italian city of Monza (Lombardy.)

Golden book cover binding of the High Medieval Period

(1140-1150 years)

The cover of the handwritten book of the Maestas Domeni is a work of the 12th century art and craft. It is distinguished by the special complexity of the bookbinding technique (cloisonne enamel and engraving.) Craftsmen decorated it with gold and precious stones. The cover was made in the oldest city of Germany - Trier.

The exhibit is stored at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London (UK).

Golden book cover binding of the 16th century


The handwritten Gospel of the second half of the XVI century is the pride of Russian craftsmen. The binding of the book is made of gold, decorated with gold braiding, enamel, silver, precious stones and carvings. The cover was created in the Moscow Kremlin workshops. This Gospel was the gift of Tsar Ivan the Terrible to the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Moscow. You can view it up close in the museum rooms of the Armory Chamber (Moscow.)


Gold is the true symbol of wealth, stability and well-being.