The price of happiness: 6000 dollars

The price of happiness: 6000 dollars



Well, money is never enough. Many people will agree that the most important aspect of money is freedom of action. That’s why people crave for financial freedom, wanting to achieve stability and material well-being.


Measuring happiness

Purdue University experts led by psychologist Andrew T. Jebb processed the data of a large-scale survey conducted by the American Institute of Public Opinion (Gallup) about the income level that can make a person happy.

Over 1,7 million people from 164 countries took part in the survey. The respondents were asked to indicate their monthly salary and answer whether the amount they earned was satisfactory or not.

The research showed that the majority of respondents need to earn 75 thousand dollars a year to achieve a state of emotional comfort and happiness.

Gallup (formerly known as the American Institute of Public Opinion):

the monthly salary of a happy person — $6000

A problem — low salaries

For most people in the world, the main source of income is salary. 80% of working people in the world admit that a decent salary is the best motivation at work. However, even in the industrialized countries, the average level of salary is way below the "happiness level".

10 countries with the highest average monthly salary (net salary):

1. Luxembourg — $5255

2. Switzerland — $5190

3. Iceland — $5148

4. United States — $5046

5. Netherlands — $4406

6. Denmark — $4288

7. Norway — $4268

8. Austria — $4196

9. Belgium — $4138

10. Australia — $4093

High wages — that’s a dream for millions of people. For a person to feel happy, he/she must earn at least $6000 a month, but only few have such an income level. In some countries, the financial situation of many people is critical.

Citizens of such African countries as Tanzania, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mozambique and Mali have a catastrophic shortage of money and live below the poverty threshold. Their earnings range from $17 to $50 per month.

The minimum wage per hour (in dollars) in various countries of the world.


Create your own happiness!

A lot of people lack financial resources and hence feel miserable. The lack of funds is a problem for most people around the world.

If you dream of generating a stable income that will make you confident about the future, if you want to enhance your financial status and protect reserves in the long run, then start earning more! Use the opportunity to improve your life!


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