The world’s wealthiest investors buy gold

The world’s wealthiest investors buy gold


More and more influential and wealthy people are protecting and multiplying their fortunes thanks to gold despite the market unpredictability. This tells that gold guarantees the safety of one's economy. 

Last year, Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, the 4th baron Rothschild, announced some changes in the RIT Capital Partners portfolio due to his special interest in gold. The Rothschild's fortune is estimated to exceed $3.2 trillion, but it hasn't been verified. However, their love for gold has always been well-known. 

David Einhorn, founder and president of the Greenlight Capital hedge fund, was sure about the growth of inflation, so in 2017, he started selling his bonds and buying gold. Mr. Einhard once said: "gold bars are so nice to look at...". You bet they are! 

The legendary millionaire Stanley Druckenmiller opted for gold too: “I wanted to own some currency and no country wants its currency to strengthen. Gold was down a lot, so I bought it”, he said. Later, he added that what's truly important is to choose the right direction and grab opportunities fast. And gold was his safe bet! 

Ray Dalio, owner of Bridgewater Associates, believes that the entrepreneur who does not invest in gold knows neither history nor economics. Known as one of the smartest people in the world, Dalio holds 5-10% of gold in his portfolio. Draw your own conclusions. 

Would you like to become a wealthy person thanks to gold too?